SQL Excel

SQL Excel is a Genuine Freeware so no tricks – NO Ads, NO Spyware, NO Viruses NO Time limits, NO “Phone Home”… The primary download for the Add-in is from Download.com and they verify the contents of the file for anything malware related. The add-in has also been verified by numerous other freeware sites. I have added a few of these here and will be adding in more as I can. I am planning to get the add-in digitally signed but for now, it is not signed.

– SQL Excel adds easy Excel SQL Toolbar database access to MS Excel. SQL Excel has a very easy to use interface and will only take minutes to set up and start to use. After installing, an Extra Excel Toolbar will be added to your Excel. This toolbar holds 1 drop-down combo box and 4 different buttons and gives you access to all of the functionality of the Addin. The combo box will hold your available connections and can be used to quickly connect to and view the available selectable objects within a database. The additional toolbar is the only interface change you will have in Excel, so there is no Extra Menu for the Add-in (this is deliberate). Also, there is no extra entry in your Program List for the add-in. So you will only have the extra toolbar. Related point is that even though I hope you won’t uninstall it !) uninstalling it is easy (just do it from the Control Panel and then go and delete the SQL Excel Add-in folder). The add-in installation does NOT install any ADO libraries/MDAC or the MSXML parser (you need to have these already). As they are installation prerequisites and not included in the package install, Uninstalling the add-in is a simple procedure. The add-in just references them though through late binding.

– SQL Excel can connect to all standard databases so you can easily consolidate data from different data sources (MS SQL Server, MS Acces, Sybase, Oracle, MYSQL, Firebird etc.). Use the add-in to quickly import data and then use Excel’s power to analyze it in more detail if needed. To connect to a database once you have set up a connection profile you can quickly connect to the database by selecting the database profile name from the drop-down box and hit the “SQL” Button. Excel SQL Connection When you hit the “SQL” button with a database selected in the dropdown the main SQL Excel form will load and you will see the databases selectable objects (the tables and views) on the right-hand side of the form.

– The core functionality of the add-in is the retrieval of the data into Excel and the “SQL” button on the toolbar loads the main form. This form has been set up to make it easy to switch between different databases (and providers) and you can switch connection/provider by clicking the combo box towards the top left of the form and selecting an entry (this will disconnect the current connection automatically). To get the data from a database into Excel you execute a query or select statement on the form. SQL Excel supports two-way query building so you can build the query manually by typing it into the text box or do it the easy way by dragging the relevant objects (tables or views) across in the objects area of the form. Then you can click the different options you want in the form and build the query visually in a very similar way than you would do in Microsoft Access or SQL Server Excel SQL main form